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The Journal of the International Phonetic Association (JIPA), formerly entitled Le Maître Phonétique, has been published since 1886, and is a forum for work in the fields of phonetic theory and description. As well as research papers, the journal aims to include items for discussion, educational materials, examples of phonetic description of particular languages and many other kinds of material relevant to the discipline of phonetics.

In November 2000, a contract was signed with Cambridge University Press to publish the Journal of the International Phonetic Association. CUP holds the copyright on behalf of the IPA.

Submissions are always welcome, on any aspect of phonetics or related subjects.

If you would like to submit a manuscript, please contact one of the Editors below.

The members of the Editorial Team of the Journal of the International Phonetic Association are:


Prof. Dr Adrian Simpson
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Institut für Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft
07737 Jena
tel: +49 3641-944330
fax: +49 3641-944332
email: adrian.simpson@uni-jena.de

Reviews Editor

Dr Linda Shockey
Department of Applied Linguistics,
School of Languages and European Studies,
University of Reading,
PO Box 218,
Reading RG6 6AA,
tel: +44 118 378 7469
fax: +44 118 975 3365
email: l.shockey@reading.ac.uk

Manuscripts of articles should be submitted to Adrian Simpson.


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Libraries and Institutions wishing to take out a subscription to JIPA should contact Cambridge University Press for further information, at either their Cambridge UK or New York addresses.

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